Finally. Corporate level cyber protection for your small business.

You may have gone to great lengths to secure your computer networks and company data. You could have the latest anti-virus software and keep all of your running software up to date. Perhaps you've even hired an IT professional to install a firewall and segment your networks. Even after all of that, is your business truly protected from today's advanced cyber threats?



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Our Next Generation Firewall adheres to traditional security measures including NAT/PAT and VPN support, while also taking additional steps to decrypt traffic, decode protocols for hidden protocols, provide intelligent user IP mapping, and universal threat detection.


Actively analyze and take action on threats that attempt to enter your network. Upon threat identification, our IPS will drop malicious packets, block traffic from the source address, and send notifications of attempts on your network.​


Cyber Security Features


Stops all malware from infecting your networks devices. Protects against ransomware, viruses, worms, and all forms of malware. Also stops access to sites that deliver malware or have had their security compromised.​


Prevents data such as credit card numbers from leaving your network. Protects critical and sensitive information from being transferred away.


Vyanet Digital Shield protects your network from both ends of a Denial-of-Service (DOS) and Distributed Denial of Service (DDOS) attack, protecting your network's systems from infection that support such infiltrations.​


Defends against botnets infecting your computers and smart devices. Botnets are remotely commanded armies of IoT devices operated without an owner's knowledge, to steal information, send spam, spread malware, and launch DDOS attacks.​


Protect your business from sophisticated hackers and advanced threats that other firewalls and anti-virus software can't stop. The Vyanet Digital Shield locates and contains large scale threats before they can touch your network.​


A premium feature which blocks access to all known malicious URL's and IP networks and also identifies new unknown malicious websites. Prevents you and your staff from accessing or downloading infected internet pages.​

Our advanced cyber security service also includes: 

VOIP QOS (Voice Quality of Service): Guarantees packet traffic for voice connections will not be delayed or dropped due to interference from other lower priority traffic.

Basic Reporting: Detailed reporting of network activity, user browsing time, blocked malicious threats, intrusions, and banned websites emailed weekly.

Data Loss Prevention (DLP): Stops sensitive information from leaving your business network and lets you stay in control what information is sent out.

Website Filtering: Protect your business against time wasting internet surfing or simply choose a lenient filter to stop spam and malicious sites.

Guest Wifi Provided: Provides visitors and guests their own wifi completely separate from your business network.

Suspicious Activity Monitoring: Full coverage alert system detects and alerts you of suspicious activity on your network and connected devices.

Application Control: Impedes unauthorized executables from functioning on your protected business network.

Blocks Embargoed Countries: Block access to countries such as China and Russia which generate high amounts of network security threats.

LAN separation for PCI Compliance: Dedicated network for PCI Compliance.


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