Home Alone? How to Keep Your Kids Safe

If you have kids, you may find that your children's after school activities, parent meetings, and tutor sessions leave you wondering how you can clone yourself. How can Janie get to Volleyball practice when Junior needs to stay home and finish his science project? If you have older children, there may be times you need to let them stay home alone in order to get everything done.

This was once a working parent's issue, but now affects more families as our kids list of extracurricular activities only seems to grow. Leaving kids home alone can spark a lot of concern and worry for parents. The good news is that parents now have more resources than ever before to keep their kids safe when they can't be there.



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If you have kids, they are most likely the reason you have a security system in the first place.  We all take what measures we can to protect what matters most to us. It's good to know that we now have more resources than ever before to protect our children when we can't be home with them.  Watch for next month's blog which offers five more ways we can protect our children at home by using today's security technology.

Given that this is such a common concern for modern parents, we are making this blog topic a two part series.  Read below to learn five ways today's security technology can keep your kids safe and comfortable when you can't be home with them.

1) Keep Close 

Okay, so you can't be home right now. This doesn't mean you can't keep a close eye on things at home.  With a smartphone security app, you can receive immediate alerts when your kids arrive home and disarm the alarm system.  If you have cameras, you will have the added reassurance of watching them safely come through the door.  If you haven't had a chance to upgrade to Mobile Access, please give us a call to learn more about this feature. 

2) Lost & Forgotten Keys

Most parents know their child will lose or forget their key at some point. To plan for this foreseen event, they usually have a back-up system in place. A neighbor could hold an extra key or there may be a hidden key under the front door mat. A more secure and convenient solution would be to get automatic locks. Janie texted she is locked out? No problem . . . you can unlock the door within seconds from your smartphone.

3) Homework Done?

How can you be sure your child is getting his homework done when you're not there? Many parents have found that a simple indoor IP camera has solved this issue for them.  Point the camera at the dining table or your child's homework station and let your child know you expect to see them studying there during a certain time period.  You can look at your smartphone to make sure they are diligently working on their homework.  Call us and we can install indoor cameras which work with your current security system and smartphone apps.

4) Stranger Danger

Don't open the door to strangers. Don't tell someone who knocks on the door that your parents aren't home. These are the usually the first two instructions we give our kids when they start staying home alone. Now you can take complete control over the front door situation by installing a doorbell camera. A stranger is knocking on the door while your kid is home alone? Using the Smart Alert Doorbell Camera, you can talk with the unexpected visitor in real time and give the illusion that you're home.  Your child doesn't need to answer the door at all.

5) What Are They Up To?

Your kids may be very responsible, but they're still kids. It's possible that during your absence they may decide to explore nooks and crannies in your home they wouldn't normally venture into.  This can be harmless exploration, like when they find your old high school yearbooks or discover hidden Christmas presents. Yet, it can also lead them into dangerous territory, such as looking through prescription drugs in your medicine cabinet or finding a key to the gun safe.  You can secure these areas in your home with sensors that will alert you of an immediate security breach. You can even add a sensor to your Christmas present closet!


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