Mobile Access

Instant easy access from your mobile phone, tablet, or computer

Wondering if your kids are home from school yet?  Access you security system to see if the alarm was disarmed with their code. Not sure if you set the alarm on the way out the door? Check immediately, and set your alarm instantly from anywhere you are using your smartphone.  You can use any mobile device to control your security system and even access your live  video feed if you have security cameras.  If your alarm goes off, you can quickly check your live video feed to determine if it's intruder that requires an immediate police dispatch.  There are incalcuable circumstances when having instant access to you alarm system is not only convenient but downright necessary.

Using secured app technology, Tucson Alarm Company can enable you to bring your alarm system to modern day standards. If you have a smart automation system, you can even lock and unlock your doors, adjust your thermostat and lighting, and much more.

If you're looking for quick and convenient access to your security system, look no more. Whether you need to monitor the security of hundreds of employees or want to look at live video of your new puppy at home, Mobile Access will give you complete and direct control.  

With Mobile Access you can:

● Quickly arm and disarm remotely, from anywhere you are.

● View live video from your cameras

● Instant activity notifications

● Restricted area alerts (i.e. gun safe)

● Also available for video and home automation systems 

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