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What better time to further discuss keeping kids safe than on Halloween? This very holiday addresses all the things that go bump in the night and scare children when they're home alone, and it doesn't take a creepy costume to remind parents the importance of helping their kids feel protected - this is something we worry about constantly. To stave off the heebie jeebies of Halloween, you can read five additional ways your security system can help keep your children safe and secure:



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As we get ready to take our kids out among spooky costumes and creepy decorations, it's helpful to know that we have security system advantages that can keep our kids feeling safe and protected today and all year long.

1) Know when your child leaves home

It's reassuring to know your children arrived home safely from school, but how can you be sure they won't leave again? Set your alarm system up to send you alerts on your phone so you know when the system is armed and disarmed, and tell your children to re-arm the security system when they first get home. This way, if they leave the house, the disarmed security system will send you an automatic alert.

2) Communicate easily during an alarm event

Consider getting an alarm panel with a 2-way voice feature that allows both you and your monitoring center to listen in and communicate with anyone at home during alarm activations. Having this feature gives your children extra reassurance when they're home alone that someone is there watching out for them, especially during a stressful event like an alarm trigger.

3) 'Welcome home' lighting

The older your children are, the busier they seem to be. If you have children in carpools with other parents or teens who drive, there may be nights when they arrive home after dark by themselves. They don't have to arrive home to a dark uninviting house. Set your home automation lights to turn on as the dusk sets, which at this time of the year is getting earlier and earlier. Your child can come home feeling safe as they enter a warm well-lit home.

4) Codeless entry for kids

Remembering a code can be stressful for some kids, especially when they hear the countdown and see they have only seconds left to enter their code before an alarm siren sounds off. If this sounds like your child, consider getting him a keyfob to turn the alarm system off or set his smartphone up with security system access for easy entry once he arrives home.

5) Know if your child is sneaking out

Whether you have toddlers or teens, it's a good idea to keep the chime on your security system. You can't keep your eye on everything at all times and the door/window chime feature of your alarm system is a great auditory alert that someone is leaving or entering the house. Every movie with teens seems to have a scene in which someone is sneaking out the second story window to meet their friends for a forbidden party. Also, toddlers can reach milestones when we least expect it. An alarm chime could be the very thing that helps you catch your toddler as she figures out how to open the back door, toddling out to explore the outdoors without you.


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