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Oct 30, 2016

 What better time to further discuss keeping kids safe than on Halloween? This very holiday addresses all the things that go bump in the night. To stave off the heebie jeebies of Halloween, you can read five additional ways your security system can help keep your children safe and secure:



More About Kid Safety

Sept 26, 2016

Leaving kids home alone can spark a lot of concern and worry for parents. The good news is that parents now have more resources than ever before to keep their kids safe when they can't be there.

Read to learn five ways today's security technology can keep your kids safe and comfortable when you can't be home with them.


Keeping Kids Safe at Home

August 8, 2016

Would you like to be able to answer your door anytime of the day - whether you're home or not?  Now you can, with the Smart Alert Doorbell Camera. Your doorbell camera will send you an instant alert on your smartphone with live video and audio of any new visitors.

Smart Alert Doorbell Camera

June 2 , 2016

How long have you been using your current alarm code?  How many people are sharing that same code?  These are questions that many alarm owners don't even think about, but should.  Your alarm system will work hard to protect you in the event of an intrusion but it can't protect against your user code getting into the wrong hands.

Are You User Code Safe?

April 14 , 2016

Smartphone users are relying on their phones to do more for them than ever before. WIRED wrote an article last year claiming that our smartphones would soon be the only computer we would ever need. As it is now, we use these phones for pretty much everything as it is.

Security From Your Smartphone

Feb 4, 2016

It's not a good time to be a burglar.  It's simply getting harder and harder to get by with anything. Now that surveillance cameras are more affordable, they are common additions to security systems, making it easier than ever to identify and capture criminals. But there's another big reason burglars should make a career change . . .

Criminals Caught On Camera

Dec 29, 2015

Recently, we called one of our customers to let her know about a simple a/c failure signal. Concerned, she searched her home for the cause of the power failure and went to inspect her circuit breaker for clues. To her surprise, the circuit breaker itself had caught on fire!  With quick action she stopped the fire before the flames could spread through her home.

Why We Sweat the Small Stuff

June 30, 2015

Over the years, we have watched as Tucson has become prey to con artists posing as alarm companies.  These are scams that have affected the entire country, yet they have become increasingly more common here in Tucson.  The details may change but the motivation is the same: to cheat you out of your money or property.  

Avoid Common Alarm Scams


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