Why People Prefer to Manage Their Alarm Systems from Their Smartphone.

Smartphone users are relying on their phones to do more for them than ever before. WIRED wrote an article last year claiming that our smartphones would soon be the only computer we would ever need. As it is now, we use these phones for pretty much everything. We do all of the basic things like check our email, calendar, and social media accounts, then we also use it to navigate with GPS, YouTube surf, Netflix binge, listen to music, order dinner, well . . . you get the idea.

The biggest advantage to having instant video access over your smartphone is that it almost completely eliminates false alarms. In an alarm event, you can quickly look at your video feed, assess the cause of the alarm, and eliminate a false alarm dispatch. The ability to discern an actual break-in is even more advantageous when it allows us to notify the police that there is a verified "Break and Entry" in progress. Police give verified alarms a higher priority response over unverified alarms which can mean the difference between catching an intruder - or letting him go free.

With so much of our lives already on this little device, most of us are pretty faithful about keeping it with us wherever we go. This makes it an extremely convenient way to access and control your security system. You can check your alarm history and arm and disarm your system from wherever you are.

Smartphone video streaming seems to be a favorite feature among families and small business owners, for two very different reasons. Family members appreciate the extra non-security related aspects to this service, like viewing live video of their kids arriving home from school or keeping an eye on lonely pets. They also mention that when travelling, being able to check in on things makes them feel that much closer to home. Small business owners use this service to monitor employees and guarantee work progress while they are away.

1) Simple, Quick, and Easy

2) Video Surveillance

There is nothing more satisfying than having complete control over your security and smart automation systems. Whether you are away on vacation or at home in bed, you are able to arm and disarm, control your lighting (indoors and out), your door locks, thermostat, and endless electronic devices - all with a quickly accessed touch of a button.

3) Complete Control

Having so much control does have a strange side effect, however. Many of our smart automation customers find themselves playing pranks on their loved ones. We hear stories about dads flashing their lights on and off to befuddle their kids or wives playfully locking and re-locking the door as their husband is trying to leave. Pretty devious. Our smart automation customers keep showing us that all of this serious security technology has a fun factor as well!

Whether you enjoy all of the security features of Mobile Access, or it's feeding your inner prankster, one thing is certain: smartphone managed security has become one of your favorite features.



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Now that we use our smartphones more than ever before, it is no surprise that more people say they prefer to manage their security systems this way as well. After hearing feedback from customers, we compiled a list of the top 3 reasons people prefer to manage their security systems from their smartphone:


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