Why We Sweat the Small Stuff

Over the years, we have watched as Tucson has become prey to con artists posing as alarm companies.  These are scams that have affected the entire country, yet they have become increasingly more common here in Tucson.  The details may change but the motivation is the same: to cheat you out of your money or property. 

Please be watchful for these types of circumstances:

Deceptive Sales People Pretending to be Guard Pro

Fraudulent sales people are targeting home owners in the East Valley more frequently than ever before.  They often wear uniforms with names from well known alarm suppliers such as Ademco, Honeywell, or GE.  They may tell you that Guard Pro has gone out of business, changed its name, or been recently purchased. Due to these "changes" they will ask you to update your contract.  They could even offer you a free security system or upgrade.  Then, they will disconnect your alarm system from our services and connect it to a disreputable out-of-state company.  Or there will be no connection at all.  That contract they asked you to sign will become a very costly obligation that may not provide monitoring.  That new security system is usually inferior and unreliable, leaving your home completely vulnerable.  This is an unfortunate deception, because occasionally alarm companies do make changes and systems do need to be updated.  It can be difficult to determine who the good guys are.  Our Guard Pro employees will always drive vehicles that are clearly marked with our logo.  Our salesmen also have security ID tags they wear to help you identify them.  If someone approaches you at your home to talk with you about your alarm system, and you have any doubt, you should call us immediately to verify that it is us.

Alarm Company or Burglar?

Another disturbing but similar trend that has caught our attention is that thieves have been targeting homes with alarm systems, pretending they are from your alarm company.  They do this to gain your trust and also access to your home.  Once inside, they case your home to determine its valuables, floor plan, and access points.  Since they have represented themselves as your alarm company, it may not seem strange when they ask you personal questions about your security system or how many people live with you.  They may even ask you to fill out paperwork with the intention of gathering your personal information to target you for identity theft.

Phone Call Fraud

Con artists are calling people, offering alarm systems for free.  In this case, they may pretend to be Guard Pro or another competing alarm company.  They will offer an unbelievable deal that is difficult to say no to.  Once they get you to agree to the sale, they will need all of your personal information so they can run a "credit check" and be sure you qualify.  These people are not experts in security . . . they are experts in identity theft.

How to Protect Yourself:

1) Never allow a door-to-door security salesperson into your home unless you have         verified him as a Guard Pro employee.  The easiest way to do this is to call us at           520-744-3867.







 2) If you receive a phone call from someone who states they are from Guard Pro, and       you question its credibility, simply call us.  The safest discussion with your security       company is the one you initiated yourself.

It is difficult to imagine people who would use the very industry that protects people as a means to harm them.  Staying vigilant and alert will keep you, your home, and your family protected from these types of scams.  Please feel free to call us whenever you have any questions or concerns.  We always appreciate hearing from you.

Stay tuned for more security tips from Guard Pro.








Recently, we called one of our customers to let her know about a simple a/c failure signal. Concerned, she searched her home for the cause of the signal and went to inspect her circuit breaker for clues.  To her surprise, the circuit breaker itself had caught on fire!  With quick action she stopped the fire before the flames could spread through her home. 

She called to thank us afterwards. She explained that had it not been for our phone call about her power failure, the fire would have quickly spread.  That simple call, she said, saved her home.

As a security company, we routinely send police and fire departments to check on burglary and fire alarm signals. These are the big calls; the calls our customers hope they never receive, but are grateful for in moments of crisis.

However, the trouble signals in this business get less of a spotlight and certainly less thanks. It's more common to be asked: why?  Why are we are calling to notify about a matter as small as a sensor trouble or power failure? People always want to hear about the big alarms but sometimes don't want to be bothered with the minor signals.

Generally, trouble signals are just what they sound like; a little trouble:  a small alert that one of your sensors may need a battery replacement or a quick call that your neighborhood power failure has put your alarm system into backup battery mode.  Small matters that will need attention at some point, but that do not require an urgent response.

After decades in this business though, we've learned that trouble signals can also mean big trouble.  Like the time an inexperienced burglar thought he could disconnect one of our customer's alarm systems by cutting off power . . . before attempting a break-in.  What started off as an A/C failure signal morphed into several burglar alarm signals . . . and a botched burglary attempt.

We may not be able to give you the cause of your "troubles", but we will always notify you about them. Once you know about the low battery, ac fail, and sensor troubles, you can then determine if it's a small or large matter.

Whether your troubles end up being big or small, Tucson Alarm will be here for you either way.

Stay tuned for more Safety Tips brought to you by Tucson Alarm.


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